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If you see a ruptured barrel in .45 ACP, or a case-head separation that wasn't due to overly fatigued brass (which isn't common with .45 ACP) it is almost certainly due to at least a double-charge of powder.

There are a good number of powders, particularly dense sphericals that can be double-charged in the .45 ACP case, so attention to detail is very important, but that's the case for any cartridge you handload.

For high velocity JHP loads I use Silhouette. It can be double-charged, but that would prevent you from being able to completely seat the bullet. provides data and they have a load with a 185 gr. XTP that achieved 1152 FPS with Silhouette at just below 21,000 PSI, so it is still a standard pressure load, but runs just a hair faster than the Remington 185 gr. +P Golden Saber factory load. I mention that because I use the Golden Saber in my 185 gr. handloads with Silhouette.

The pressure rating for +P is 23,000 PSI which is still relatively mild pressure as far as defense handgun cartridges go. There is nothing about the slightly higher pressure that makes recoil objectionable for me firing the loads in polymer framed pistols. Recoil is subjective to the individual shooter. Recoil is a product of the bullet's weight and velocity, so pressure is only relative in the fact that +P loads may go up to the 23,000 PSI SAAMI pressure rating.
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