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As a first purchase without question I will recommend a screw on .22 suppressor. Equal to this recommendation is get one that you as the user can take apart to clean. Nothing in my opinion is worse that a suppressor that is sealed and has to go back to the factory for service / cleaning.

At least take a look at Tactical Innovations Quest model. I believe that this is one of the most underrated suppressors out there. I own at least one and have been very impressed by its performance.

$399 retail. A 100% stainless steel product that a user may take apart for cleaning.

Here's a pic of mine on a Ruger MK II pistol.

Also I don't know if you will do the purchase as an "Individual" or if you are going to create a "Revocable Living Trust" to purchase the suppressor through. I recommend the RLT route. If you are not familiar with purchasing NFA items this way, I would do it while its still possible to do so. I know that BATFE has been looking at this supposed "loophole" in the law to allow Trustee's to purchase this kind of stuff.

If you want to know more about Trusts and how they work look here:

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