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I know how tough one tour in Nam was, and it pales in comparrison to today's multiple deployments.
I can't speak for everyone, but even after doing two stends out in Afghan and one being a full year I find this very hard to believe. Vietnam, Korea, **** even Desert Storm/Shield and Early OIF/OEF were real wars.....Today's deployments are fit rep bullets for SNCO's and Officers and "training"/"leadership experience" for junior officers. End of tour bronze stars and Commendation Medals for doing absolutely nothing the entire time are common place. Everyone is worried about the draw down and they are trying to give deployments to as many SNCO's and Officers as they can, who have somehow managed to avoid deploying in the past freaking 11 years. Leaders are doing more focused on doing operations thats will get them recognized than they are actually trying to make a difference. Just my .02

As for Det pistols we were considering 1911's as well but nobody can agree on one pistol so it will probably fall through.
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