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Cheapshooter Love the name and the suggestions lets see what we got here:

1. Walther P1- Agreed I love walthers and can never go wrong with a 9mm.

2. Yugo M57- I always go back and forth on this one and the Romanian one because where I buy the Romanian one is a little cheaper and has 1 more Mag.

3. Polish P64- The store I buy from sold out of these not too long ago sadly. I like the simplicity of the blow-back design.

4.Mosin Nagant 91/30- Already own and love one of these, was the second gun I ever bought even before I knew what a C&R was

5. Swiss K-31- The straight bolt mechanic and just the overall quality of goods the Swiss produce defiantly has me eying one of these.

6. Sreyr M95- Cant go wrong with 99 dollar powerhouse rifle, but the limited amount of venues that ship ammo to Mass(I hate this state) combined with an already scares caliber makes me think twice

7. Yugo SKS- Im almost positive they are legal and I may hold off on one of these because I want to find a really nice Russian made one. I got a thing for Russian surplus

Speaking of Russian firearms, I'm just dreaming for the day the Russian made Makarovs are C&R eligible. Anyone know why the East German ones are and not the Russians?
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