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To set the elevation for a M1,..

[This us usually done @ 200yds.]
first set the elevation 6 -8 click up from mechanical zero, fire a group,
adjust up / down to get group to center the "point of aim" with "point of impact"

If needed, FILE down, the front sight to raise the impact to the "POA" or replace with taller sight to lower.

The standard rule is: 0.008" = 1" change @ 200 up/down & the same for windage. "Kuhnhausen book of the M1 Garand & M14/M1A Rifle]

Once zero is known, count down to mechanical, loosen the retaining screw of the elevation knob and rotate same (turning the knob over the top/towards the front sight and align the "2" hash mark with the "reference line" on the receiver and then count forward the "number " of clicks [that got you to mechanical zero] and tighten the retaining screw, now rotate the Elevation knob back towards you counting as you go, when you reached that number that was your zero, the "2" index hash should be lined up with the receiver index line.

Since you have max range of 130yds, then sight at 100 and set the Elevation and the next line below "2".

Hope this helps? What ammo you using?
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