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Also may need alittle wood removed so the trigger clears when fired

If there is a small dent there the trigger is hitting and needs some wood removed or it can affect trigger pull

Now on to the next issue. Set action in stock and install/lock the trigger assembly. Looking from the side of the rifle there should be a very small amount of clearance approx 1 1/8 inch from where the back of the receiver sets up to the back of the receiver legs. Hold it up to the light will make it easier to see.

If your stock doesnt have this slight gap,wrap a piece of sandpaper around a block of wood and sand to proper clearance. Don’t need much

Also need to give the rifle the "Tilt Test"
This stock failed, you can see here where the Op Rod was rubbing slightly , remove wood as needed

Op Rod also rubbed inside pretty hard

Went to put her back together and found the nose of the rear handguard was to long and interfered with the front handguard, remove as needed

These are just a few things to check for on commercial Boyds stocks.
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