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If the channel is narrow, barrel is resting on wood and is not dropping down as far as it should

You said:
"Meanwhile, if the stock still holds the barrel up with the barrel group locked in place and the rifle shoots high with the rear sight bottomed, is that due to the barrel's muzzle axis pointing way above the line of sight axis? "

Yes that is that due to the barrel's muzzle axis pointing way above the line of sight axis?

Here is a write up I did on the commercial stocks a few yearsago and just some of the issues I have found. There are a few more that I haven't listed. I need to go back and rewrite it in more detail and add a few things

Heres a few things you can do to improve the function and accurcy of your commercial Boyds/Dupadge/CMP stocks
. These things sometimes also need addressed on USGI stocks

Your rear sight bottomed out and still shoots high? Check the barrel channel, its probably to narrow and is holding the barrel up out of position. Simply bevel the corners of the channel off to allow clearance and let the barrel drop into proper posiiton
I had also had a problem with the stock ferrule setting to high and the Op Rod rubbed on it. ,I carved out some of the wood with a utility knife until it set in the proper position

Problem solved? Not yet, I then had to fill in the area on the bottom since the ferrule set lower so it would stay in place when tightened
I taped off the stock, and applied paste wax to the ferrule for a release.
Then placed JB Weld to the bottom of where the ferrule sets on the stock, put ferrule in place and start to tighten the screw but not all they way

Problem fixed.
Next issue, although it isnt a big one is sometimes the Boyds needs to have a cutout where the firing pin/bolt would hit

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