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Putting limits on how many guns you can buy is infringment IMO.

You have the money and a clean record thats all that should matter.

Thats bullcrap.....there should be a 5 minute background check and you should be able to walk out the door with your gun right away.

Rumor has it that the ATF gave the Maryland State Police a warning about not getting the guns through the process fast enough; something to do with the NICS check numbers and the amount of time after the number is assigned before the the purchase picks it up.

Frankly, it's really turned into quite a Cluster @#$ here; everyone is confused about the new laws.

The General Assembly sessions were a complete joke. Fire arms owners and other sportsman showed up in record setting numbers on Lawyers Lawn (by the thousands) and crowed all of the sessions from start to finish. The gun grabbers had very few pro-ban folks testify while the anti-ban folks had hundreds who signed up to speak but weren't given the chance. This was the Governor's Bill, and with him being a Presidential hopeful for 2016, nearly all of the Democrats jumped on board like an ice cream truck at a school yard. Anyway, we had General Assembly members playing Chess on computers and shopping for dress pants while they were supposed to be listening to testimony. There was also another very confused Delegate who testified that she understands how difficult it is to use a gun as she used to work at the Piercing Pagoda in the Mall and had to use the ear piercing gun.

Anyway, ALOT of people are REALLY ****** off...

We're expecting record AR sales right up until the ban date.
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