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Originally Posted by Nickel Plated
2) You can really only get non-evil guns like this. No AR-15 since those are illegal to buy in NYS and by Fed law, the gun must be legal in your home state as well as the state where you buy for the deal to be legit.
If you are buying in the "vacation" state on the basis of dual residency, this is incorrect. You are buying in the vacation state as a resident of that state, in which case the laws pertaining in your other state of residency don't apply and don't matter.

If, on the other hand, you are buying a long gun as an "out of state" buyer, then the firearm (and the transaction) must be legal in both the state where the sale takes place and in your state of residence. But this is not a dual residency purchase, and you don't need to own a home in the second state to make this type of purchase.

See the explanation of dual residency in the latter part of Frank Ettin's post #5.
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