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Something fishy about this.

First off, I do not know of any .30-06 arsenal match ammo in 20-round boxes being marked "NOT FOR COMBAT" as they all had FMJ bullets. Only the M852 7.62 NATO match ammo boxes were labeled that way 'cause they had hollow point bullets.

Second, I'm not aware of any arsenal match ammo being made by Twin Cities arsenal in 1954, nor any other year. Lake City and Frankfort arsenals were the only ones that made match ammo as far as I know after 1912.

Third, if the headstamp does not have the word "MATCH" or "NM" somewhere on it, it ain't match ammo.

Sounds to me like someone took some TW54 ball ammo, pulled the bullets and replaced them with a boattail one, then put 'em in a strange box. If those boattail's weigh about 173 grains, they're standard 30 caliber FMJ boattail match bullets loaded by Frankford and Lake City arsenals. If not, they're something else.

If you can, put a picture of the box with its "NOT FOR COMBAT" words showing.

What's the ammo designation on that box? M72 was the arsenal type for .30 caliber match ammo in 1954.

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