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Orlando says common occurrence in those the barrel channel is to narrow holding the barrel up. I don't think so. But the barrel has to have some downward force on it anyway.

If the lower band is contacting the stock ferrule lug (shown in above pic's) it will be correct. There's downward pressure from the stock pulling the lower band down when the barrel group's properly fit to the stock. And there has to be room to allow that to happen. Lubing that contact point ensures they go back to the same place after every shot.

With the Garand assembled, grab the lower band and stock with your hands then squeeze them together. If the lower band moves down and no longer contacts the lug on the ferrule, then goes back up and stops against the lug, your rifle's parts are fit right and there's plenty of room for the barrel group to move down. On match conditioned Garands, there's about 30 pounds of pull down force on the lower band.
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