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Every third garage has a $15000 CNC set-up in your neighborhood?
It was not uncommon where I grew up for persons to have very extensive machining equipment set-ups, CNC was not around at the time but some did indeed, have mills, lathes, drill presses, benders and other common metal working tools. Of course set ups for wood were much more common than for metal. When my father-in-law built his garage he installed several 220V outlets so he could get more industrial type equipment for his shop.

Industrial machines are designed for through-put requiring larger back-up equipment and are often 5 or 6 axis as well as handling larger parts than the small home CNC might be expected to handle. Even then if you have the cash and a 220V outlet you can fit a pretty capable system in your garage. I have a colleague who rebuilds turbojet engines in his garage, rare yes, but those types of people exist. Just like people with fine engraved guns worth well over $15,000 each.
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