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Also if you have any of the AA powders from 5 through 9 you can look over on their site and pull down the PDF version of their manual. It list several Cast loads on it as well.

Between myself and my bud, we have found that they all work well depending on just what power level your looking for. With the 240'ish weight Keith types he is using AA-5 and I am using 7 & 9 for a bit more power.

As for what will work best in your revolver with no leading and such it will simply be a trial and error type thing. It might be Unique or you might be able to run up to the full power stuff with something like 2400 or 296/110.

I highly suggest you look around your local stores and see if you can find some Chore Boy brass pads. Use a small magnet and make sure they are brass and not plated steel. If you DO get leading, just wrap a small piece around the end of one of your bronze brushes and got to it. The added brass on the brush will cut the lead out in no time at all. Sort of a poor boys Lewe's Lead Removal if you will.
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