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Let me give you some criticisms that I think may help your friend here.

The goal is very high. Oddly enough, while researching other goals, it brought me to...

There are many other projects for this EXACT same thing. Their goals are set much lower. While they are still passing them, you having a higher goal will place doubts in peoples' minds. Furthermore, the awards for donations are almost word for word the awards for the donations for the other projects. Not to mention, your lowest award is $95. Not many people have the funds lying around for a $95 donation. $25 or $35, as others are charging, may be more acceptable.

This isn't to say your friend shouldn't pursue his dream.

What I would do, however:

Offer as a reward, T-shirts with second amendment slogans. These could be as simple as "Come and Take it" or "Shall Not Infringe". These make surprisingly good incentives for donations. It doesn't have to be shirts. It can be stickers, hats, bracelets, whatever. There are allowances on these sites to use the money received to make these things so they don't need to be printed up front.

Lower the cost of the rewards. I know your friend may have to eat some cost, but you will get many more donations if the everyman can contribute. What does it cost to make a lower? $20? $60? $80? Even if it comes at a minor loss, I'm sure you can get it under the cost of buying the machine.

Consider uploading an instructional video showing you taking an 80% lower and showing just how easy it is to finish. This would give people a face to identify with and introduce potential new customers and make it a little easier for them to want to do it.

Also, consider taking down the campaign, launching a Facebook or similar page, and promoting and getting interest before launching your crowdfunding. 3 days with no donations does not speak of good.

Finally, if your friend is passionately interested in doing it as a business, might it be feasible to get a small business loan?

Just some thoughts. I know this isn't the "crowdfunding campaigns" forum but figured this was relevant to the topic at hand.
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