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The 7x57 worked pretty darn well for Eleanor O'Connor,Jack's wife.Locate and read"The Hunting Rifle" by Jack O'Connor.

It is an excellent hunting cartridge.US factory must be loaded with consideration for pre-98 Mausers.

If you are using a 98 Mauser or modern rifle,it can be loaded to quite respectable levels.160 to 140 gr projectiles from 2600 to 2800 fps is a ballpark range of handload performance,as I recall.IMO,it will do all a good hunter needs in N.America.

One thing to consider.Depending on the statures of yourself and your wife,it may be a problem to have one rifle fit both of you.
Most rifles get made to fit average man,which means an ill fit for average woman.
An ill fitting rifle rates with ill fitting boots.

If you are truly wanting this rifle to be a rifle your wife will enjoy,you might need a compact or youth model,or shorten the stock,add a pad,etc..And get a quality scope with good eye relief,and set the scope up for her.

Now,that may be easier to do if you can compromise on the cartridge as the modern rifles will likely be 7-08 or .260.

IMO,for yourself,go on a search of gunshops,pawnshops,gunshows,ask gunsmith/gunshop owners..

A lot of guys spent $1500 or $2000 having a gunsmith convert a 98 Mauser to a fine,elegant walnut and blue steel classic rifle that might bring $400 or $500 now.Its still a fine rifle,with a certain something a modern factory rifle may lack.Do not worry that you will blow up a 98 Mauser.They are plenty strong

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