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Most all of the injection molded stocks will do that some. As long as everything fits right it doesn't effect accuracy enough to matter on a hunting rifle. If you are trying to shave that last 1/10" off your group size then you will need to buy a better stock.

Most all of my rifles that actually get hunted with are in McMillan Edge stocks. I like them better simply because they look better, fit better, are better finished, and mostly because they are about 1/2-3/4 lbs lighter than factory stocks. As much as 2 lbs lighter than the cheaper aftermarket stocks.

They are stiffer, but I've never noted any difference in my rifles accuracy after changing. For one thing I won't spend $500 on a stock for a rifle and hope it helps accuracy. The rifle has to prove it will shoot before I spend the money. If it won't shoot up to my standards it is sold.
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