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Lever guns are offered in a much wider variety of calibers than pump guns and for whatever reason more companies produce quality lever guns. Lever guns are also a valid option for a semi-auto replacement, they shoot quick, accurate and reliable. With all the threat of AWB I'm sure people are picking them up for a gun to have when they have ship their "assault weapons" out of state or surrender them. Lever actions are great all purpose guns and will continue to be useful for a very long time.

I want a .30-30 older Marlin or Winchester 94.
A .44 Magnum 18" full length tube is on the list(might be scrubbed if I can get a deerfield carbine).
A .357 Magnum in 18" full lenth tube.
EDIT: a .308 Marlin and a .308 Win Browning BLR Takedown

30-30 will be setup with a traditional 3-6X40mm scope.
.44/.357 will have iron sights or XS ghost rings.
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