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Could I swing it? Buying a Gun in Another State?

First off, I realize the title of the thread may be a little questionable, but let me tell you, I don't intend on doing anything illegal whatsoever. I made it sound like I'm a gun runner or something, but absolutely not the case...

Alright, so as the vast majority of you know, us guys in NY are going through tough times right now. Well anyway, we're going to be moving to Florida in the coming years, probably the next 2. We do have a house there, but haven't been there in a while, about 5 years actually. This summer, we'll be going to check up on things and make sure everything is alright at the house, do some minor maintenance if needed, etc.

Well, while it may not be a concern for at least a little while after we won the recent gun control battle on "assault weapons", I'm sure it will come again. When we go to Florida, I was planning on buying an AR-15 that I had been wanting for a long time now. I've also been looking at a couple of handguns.

As you know, these can both be bought with ease in Florida. Here in NY, everything that looks cool is an military style high capacity plasma eviscerating hyper-cannon and of course, handguns require a permit, which is VERY aggravating to actually get...

Now of course, I DO NOT plan on bringing these back to NY, as both would be highly illegal, or well, just illegal in general. I would like to just leave them in the house, hidden somewhere, locked, and leave the de-humidifier on.

So suppose I walk into a local FFL near my FL house, want to buy a few specific firearms and show them a NY license... What do you think they would say? I mean, I guess I could explain my intention, and if they ran a background check, it would come up 1000% clean. Even still, do you think I could swing this? I don't think this breaks any law, unless you actually bring the items to a state where it is illegal, but I could be wrong. Does anyone else have experience with something like this?

I don't mean for this to be malicious in any way, and like I said, I don't want to do anything illegal. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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