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I understand thump_rrr. I definitely would not have brandished then. There would have been no disparity of force, no imminent threat, no forcible felony, no reason at all to brandish. The most I would have done had I had a gun was shift my body position to make it a little more accessible if he had pulled one and started shooting. Like I said, it's not at all unheard for somebody here to get road rage and kill somebody else. One anesthesiologist ran a young single mother off the road and killed her and then went into work for a week afterwards.

Perhaps that is what I am being unclear about. Had I had a gun with me, it would have stayed in its resting place. I simply wished I had one in case said passenger was going to attempt to perpetrate one of these said road rage homicides. Does that make it clearer for everybody? I'm definitely not looking for an excuse to go shooting people. I just remember seeing him stare us down and then returning to his car and the thought crossing my mind "What if he's reaching for a gun?".

EDIT: Plumbnut, I'm not sure I understand as you now seem to agree with me wishing to have a gun in the car in case this had happened...
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