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Blackhawk! Ultralight 3 Day Pack Review

So I purchased this pack prior to my first trip to the desert as a carry on/daily pack. Since then I have carried on a trip to Central America for two months and pretty much lived out of it.

Durability-Considering its a mass produced bag and made in Vietnam I will give it 4/5 for durability. I have never really abused it but I certainly haven't babied it. Its been throw from trucks, dragged, stepped on, kicked, thrown by the shoulder straps, had things tied to to, used as a pillow, step stool and piled under other gear. I have not worn it on long treks but I do walk about a mile a day with 25-35 lbs in it most recently. The zippers are top quality for not being YKK and I have yanked on them and pack the bag till it was bursting at the seams and the zippers havent' split even after being thrown around and stepped on.

Layout/Design-The large main compartment is perfect for a spare pare of boots, a change of outer wear, rain gear, about a weeks worth of socks and boxers, a bunch of 550 cord, 123 batteries, SNUGpak bivvy bag, and a 3 liter bladder filled(plus a flask full of your favorite liquid). The second compartment I mostly used for books and dvds but also works for a quick change of clothes or toiletries. The very small compartment is perfect for a multi-tool/medium knife, flashlight, 550 cord, and ID/cash/wallet. The bag is covered in molle webbing and the bottom has a spot to loop straps through. I attached a tarp to the very bottom rolled up using straps, a small sleeping bag just underneath the second compartment on the front using buckle straps, a pair of crocs to the side using ties(I think they are rubber coated copper, AMAZING for lashing gear to bags), then a toiletry bag to the opposite side with the same ties. Even with all that attached and in it it was still a manageable load and well balanced. I like that it has cinches on both sides to keep the load from jerking around if you don't have the pack full. The thing I don't like is the should straps are too close together for me and start to dig into my neck if I pull the bag too tight but it was never really an issue even on some all day excursions. The waste belt also leaves a bit to be desired and the bladder pouch is a narrow at the top but much wider as it goes down into the bag. The inside of the main compartment has some tabs to attach things to (radio bag) or I use it to tie my spare battery carrier to so I can pull it out if I need it.

Overall the bag has served all my purposes but I do have some complaints, they are usually pretty expensive but I like it better than any other daypack I have had.
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