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What should I go for next? Tokarev? Steyr M95? Walther P-1?
1. Walther P1
2. Yugo M57 (Yugoslavian variant of the Tokarev. 1 extra round capacity, much better safety)
3. Polish P64
4.Mosin Nagant 91/30 (since you mentioned rifles. Great shooters, and surplus ammo is still available, and reasonably priced.)
5. Swiss K-31 (Beautiful, unique straight pull rifle. Made like a.....well, Swiss watch. Surplus ammo available, but supply drying up)
6. Sreyr M95 (cool little rifles, low price, but ammo, and the necessary en-bloc charger clip may be hard to find.)
7. Yugo SKS (If allowed in your state.)
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