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You haven't said what you are looking for with these bullets.

Raw, flat out power or accuracy or pleasant popping of targets. The bullet and round can do them all. Maybe not at the same time.

As stated so well above, H110/296 is considered less that suitable for reduced loading. So of the powders you have listed, the Unique would be your best bet for pleasantly popping targets. The H110/296 is a power house and your weapon/s may love or hate loads with it.

When supplies return to less than nuts, look at 2400 and or 231. Not saying that they are better than others. Just that others, including myself like them.

Disclaimer of sorts. I use 231 for my wimp loads and an unnamed, no longer available powder for my heavy lead/jacketed loads. I have used H110/296 and 2400 and Lt'Gun and some others in the past in .44s.

Load with care and enjoy,

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