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Sometimes first fired brass can cause a problem on another's reloading bench. As you know first fired brass memorizes its very first chamber's profile. That other rifles chamber may have had excessive headspace issues and other weird things going on. Maybe its brass grew in length beyond suggested reloadable tolerance.
So the very first thing you need to do is measure or mic your empty brass's Length. Make sure too trim all your brass to the same length. Tip: {When I trim. I trim all my brass to their suggested Minimum Length}

Or as previously mentioned a Hornady Comparator tool. (used to purposely set any F.L Resizing Die to a correct working measurement or tolerance when the die is fully mounted in your press. Simply put. {Resolves a headspacing problem. Due to the shape or form your brass's shoulder area swelled to be in its intial firing and corrects & reforms that shoulders shape back to its normal proper tolerances.}

You could try using a Small Base resizing die which more than likely could resolve your issue. Basically put. Just squeezes the entire shell to a smaller allowable tolerance. Which helps in feeding, fully chambering, and bolt lock-up. To purchase either tool new. They both cost about the same. But there is a plus with a Hornady Comparator tool. It can be used on other caliber Resizing die set -ups. The Camparator tool initially is a bit tricky to learn and requires the need of knowing how to use and read a Vernier Caliper. But once you catch on to a Conpartor's use/operation. It's then becomes a piece-of-cake there after to use. And a very useful tool to have on any reloaders bench. Tip: {Many times I've seen used 308 Small Base resizing die/die sets being auctioned on EBay.}


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