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I"ll go with rclark's recommendation; the Ruger Single Six in .22 lr or the convertible model. My wife and I have shared a 5-1/2" barreled 3-screw model since 1973 and it still shoots as good as the day it left Ruger. I"d conservatively estimate that it's had 15,000 round through it.

It's a Super Single Six, the convertible model, with the add'l .22 Magnum cylinder, but we've rarely used that louder faster round...I"d say less than 400 rounds. Accuracy with the .22 lr cylinder in place is all that can be asked: with Remington Golden Bullet, bulk buy .22 lr solids or HP's is very close to one inch at 25 yds. It opens up with the magnums, but it's still less than 2" at 25 yds...

Here's a representative target, shot at 25 yds sitting from an arm rest across my knees. It's a damn fine gun and one that you'll never sell. Check out that 1+" gp on the blue masking tape!! I've long since lost track of the Scouts, relatives, and "new to hand guns" people I've trained with it.

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