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I am not soliciting any crime here. If anyone thinks anything here is a crime, then my offer or question is out. Ended.
I have been familiar with a number of judges over the years, both state and federal and I do believe that the vast majority would rule that ordinary trading like is done in any household situation, with food, drinks, ammo, or other household objects is not engaging in a trade or business.
That if a person does not have a business license, a place of business other than a room in the house, or the garage, if they do not charge money, if they are otherwise gainfully employed and obtain their income from other sources, that they are not in business.
But of course, who wants to go to court to hear that ruling? (Attorneys like to go to court to hear winning rulings).
On another forum someone else was going with the same question, and the big answer there was ... liability.
Someone getting injured or killed and the family or heirs suing.
And some anecdotal stories about such lawsuits.
So maybe the best answer is ... don't do it.
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