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The best way I have found to increase speed is to use a shot timer as others have mentioned.
I use IPSC Shot Timer Pro on my iPhone with a set of ear buds under my muffs.
It works perfectly at our indoor range even with other shooters close by.

The drill I use is simple and can be adapted to your type of shooting.
I load 2 rounds into the magazine in the gun and a full spare mag.
I use an IPSC target but a USPSA is just as good.
Draw and fire 2 shots reload on slide lock and shoot 2 more.

The reason I use this drill set up in this method is that you get to practice a reload at the same time.
Always reload with a full mag which keeps the weight of the mag constant.
You don't want to practice with a mag holding 2 rounds which is lighter and will not handle the same.
By using an IPSC or USPSA target you have a realistically sized "A" zone.
If all your shots are in the "A" zone you are shooting too slowly.
If your shots are not in the "A" zone at all you are shooting too rapidly.
A few lessons with a local instructor can really help you out by improving your stance and grip.

I took a local intro to IPSC course which helps by also watching others shoot and see their errors and see what corrective measures were needed to improve their technique.

When drawing and firing each individual step should be performed and when put together creates a blueprint for repeatability.
1)grip. Drive the web of your hand between the thumb and index finger into the butt of the gun with your index finger pointed straight out and wrap your fingers around the grip maintaining a straight trigger finger.
2)Draw. Draw the gun straight up and out of the holster so that the muzzle clears the holster while still maintaining a straight trigger finger.
3) Rotate. Rotate the gun so that the muzzle points forward.
4) Raise. Raise the firearm up to eye level, quite close to your face, while the support hand comes across to find its place on the grip.
5) Extend. While extending your arms forward, acquire your sight picture and place your index finger on the trigger.
6) Shoot. Squeeze the trigger.
7) Reload. Trigger finger straight against the frame. Release the magazine while simultaneously bringing the gun closer to your face. Use your index finger on your support hand to guide the tip of the magazine home.
Slingshot the slide, sights on target while extending and putting trigger finger on trigger.

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