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The AA powders are ball type powders.

AA2 is a fast powder and will work for light loads.
AA5 as mentioned is one I like for 124 grain FMJ.
AA7 is good when you want to load near or at the top end.
WSF will work well from mid range to top end.
WST is something you won't find published any longer in manuals for 9mm. Using it is close to or at a compressed load depending on the load. I like it with 115 grain FMJ and JHP loads for the range. It makes an accurate load. It is a mild clean burning load. The only down side is you have to slow down when loading on a progressive press or you spill powder.
VV does work very well but the cost is much higher.

These powders do work well in most any powder measure. There are other powders you can use as well but these I have used in the past couple years. I have loaded several thousands of all these except for VV powder. I load an average of 1000 9 mm rounds a month.

If you have lots of time to wait, you can order bullets from PD. They have about 16 to 18 weeks backlog at the moment. I have used their bullets and do have at least 6k of just 9 mm bullets due to come in sometime this year.

Their hollow point jacketed bullets are also designed for accuracy and not expansion.
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