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James, I'm sure you're right about camp perry, but that's not where he is headed with this. The intangible's, the "feel" of the Single six in particular seem to have a way of helping a novice shoot better.
I know this because of my own experience, as well as the wisdom of the man who handed my first one to me. He said that he had noted it for himself with his kids. I should probably note my kids shoot better with my single six than anything else as well. The gun points more naturally than anything else I've found, the sights seem to find the targets on their own. This meant two rattlers died over the years instead of getting a chance to try to kill me. His wisdom might have saved my life.

I'm not at all the only one to mention this, every time Single Sixes are discussed it seems to come up.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if all of you were right about the limitations of single action revolvers, but this design in particular seems to be more than the sum of it's parts.
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