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As for trigger pull, there isn't a Ruger of any kind that compares with a K22.
That means that the very light trigger pulls used for target work are unobtainable with a traditional SA lockwork.
Sorry but this simply isn't true. An Old Model Single Six, particularly one tuned by a professional, gives up nothing to the K-22. A crisp 2lb trigger is easily obtained and no, you don't need heavy springs.

First is the long hammer fall. Not only does it allow more time for the gun to drift off target, but the heavy hammer makes the striking impact higher, jarring the gun off target.
Tuning and lighter springs cures this issue, if it even is one. I've spent enough time with both guns to believe it is not but it sounds good in theory.

Other drawbacks, such as grip shape, which affects recovery in rapid fire, and (often) poor sights, can be overcome, though not always easily.
More nonsense. Rapid fire, cocking with the weak thumb, poses no issues with the grip shape. The only Single Sixes with what could be considered poor sights are the Colt SAA style fixed sight guns. The drift adjustable guns have a sight picture no unlike a Bomar.

The Single Six, on average, will not be as accurate as a K-22. I believe it has little to do with the compromise bore and more to do with the way the cylinders are made and fitted. They are not. They are made in batches and whichever one comes out of the parts bin and functions makes the grade. Rugers have good barrels but sometimes the crowns and forcing cones leave some to be desired. This has an effect. The Single Six was simply never intended to be a target revolver. That said, they tend to be plenty accurate enough for casual work.
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