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If you are still looking to get more 9 mm bullets you might want to start checking Montana Gold Bullet Co. website daily.
They have been having some bullets available. The ones I have seen are 9 mm JHP and .357 Sig JHP bullets. The .357 Sig are 125 grain rather than 124 grain of the 9 mm. These are designed for accuracy and not expansion. The prices have gone up but I received my last order in under 10 days. Shipping is free. I prefer to buy by the case. This is about 3750 per case. They do sell in lots of 1000 but you wind up paying more per bullet. I believe they are limiting how many you can purchase at one time.

I also have a few different powders I have tried with 9 mm so I have a better chance of getting a powder I can use. I have loaded 9 mm with AA2 ( not a great choice), AA5, AA7, W231, WSF, WST, 700X (doesn't measure well in my powder measure) and VV 3n37 (expensive). These I can work with. I prefer AA5 and WST depending on the bullet used. I have tried a few loads with magnum primers if I can only get those I could work with them. Most of my loads are mild enough to make do.

I played around some with different components while they were easily available so when times like this come I can easily adjust.

I would have gotten very worried long ago if I got down to the level of components you have on hand now. I tend to think in thousands. Progressive presses are very hungry machines.

I shoot to reload more often than not.
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