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Whoops obviously my proof reading at 2AM sucks...can't even spell Hornady on my reload sheet.

serf - My never is "never planned on loading 100s, but it was the only bullet available" and I was below my 300 threshold. Never planned on going lower than 115gr for a 9mm as thats the lightest I'm comfortable shooting and reloading with. I purchased the 100s as a emergency reload if I needed rounds made up to protect myself.

I only purchased the lot of 100gr due to me being below 300 of my 115gr and there were ALL out of stock. I think I waited a solid 4 months from Midway for the 115gr Rainier bullets to come back in stock. The 100gr was like a last resort to reloading for ammo NEEDED(in a crisis moment, etc). I paid 16¢ for them so if I sell them it'll be for 16¢ ea. Not in it for profit.

Last thing I want to do is sell them and be like DARN IT during a shortage, but I am critical on powder and primers so was looking to see how other reloaders were handling tough decisions during a shortage. We have a Buy Sell Bulletin and there was a individual with 2k primers(for $60) and he would not even do a dead even trade with me. He would of came out on top even as a reseller.

Oh the football note - I am not a die hard fan. I watch and go for BOTH when they go against each other I bet on the better statistic team. I've gone to more AU tailgate Saturdays though.
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