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Out of the academy, I had a S&W 5906, which was reliable, but seemed to have too much play between the upper and lower receivers. It was also on the heavy side. Our carry policy changed after a while, allowing us to carry Glocks. I went to a G17 and then later to a G19. Loved both of them, but policy changed again, now allowing .40 caliber so I went to a G23. Great gun for my small hands and for concealment. Policy changed again and I got bored so I got an H&H USP .40 w/a stainless upper receiver. HATED the crunchy double action trigger pull so I went to a Beretta Cougar 8040D. Loved that, but got bored so I got a Beretta 96D, which I carried about 10 or more. During that time, the H&K P2000 was introduced so I got one for off-duty, later using on duty for bike patrol. Went back to 96D after that duty until I got bored again so I got my current G23 gen 4. I'm happy now with it after it stopped brass to the face and a few fail to feed early on. Really happy now with the 3.5 lbs trigger springs/connector I recently added. I may get bored again and get a .......
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