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Dumb ammo question re: .45

This may be an extremely stupid question - or extremely common. Having only really dealt with rifles, I'm somewhat unfamiliar with .45 pistol ammo.

I recently picked up a 1911 and bought a box of Winchester .45 Auto ammo

This is the same as ACP correct? I know ACP is Auto Colt Pistol, just wanted to be sure I didn't spend 50$ on the incorrect ammo haha. I figured it was correct but what threw me off was seeing shelves at my LGS with two different labels under the ammo ".45 Auto" and ".45 ACP" as if they were two different types of ammo.

Also - would Winchester be a good brand of ammo to break in a brand new 1911? And how many rounds should I put through it before polishing the feed ramp and trying out hollow points? It is a Para USA 1911 GI
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