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Bob Hunter advised me to use Gunslick graphite grease on my 1911s, and that has worked very well.

Magazines are often the problem. Most recommend Wilson Combat. My Dan Wesson loved those. My Les Baer runs better on Tripp Cobras. I have had good results from Chip McCormick. For hardball, USGI mags are hard to beat.

My personal favorites are the Tripps, but YMMV.

Edit: You also might check your slide for rub marks from your thumb. Depending on the angle of the safety lever, if you rest your thumb on top it may press against and interfere with the slide. I had this problem with my Baer, so switched to a Mil-Spec safety and low thumb - problem solved. My Hunter Custom has a Mil-Spec thumb safety.

My DW had an Ed Brown safety, that held a high thumb off the slide.

Little things can make huge differences.

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