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I do not have less than 7 30/06 rifles, I have at least 5 take off barrels, I had two 30/06 take off barrels with suspect bores, I cut the barrel in front of the chamber to use for chamber gages. I have dies, when loading the 30/06 chambered rifles I use a RCBS sizer die, that is one die for all of them. I have 30/06 chambers that are go-gage length, I have 30/06 chambers that are .011” longer than a go-gage length chamber. I off set the length of the chamber with the length of the case from the shoulder to the head of the case.

Owning a die, one brand or the other is not as important as knowing how to use it, I have Hollywood Gun Shop dies, Lock Miller Dies, Lyman, Hornady, Pacific, RCBS, C&H, Texan, Herters etc.. forgive, I have Lee dies also, again, it is not so much about the brand as it is about methods and techniques, or “knowing how to use it (the die)”, and Dillon, I have Dillon dies.

Then there are purpose dies, I have dies that fill a need, forming dies, I have plenty of forming dies, dies that are nice to have? small base dies, neck sizer dies, then there are those dies that have been ground because a reloader could not find a way to stuff the case being sized into the die. I have purchased a few of those. one day they will belong to someone else. Back to “knowing how to use it”.

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