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Bob what twist does that barrel have?
I am think it will likely have a 1:9 twist.
If so you may be able to tighten up your group by just switching to a larger bullet.

Yes my new AR has a 1in9 twist, as for now with the factory Winchester loads I can do 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards.
I know I could tighten up the groups with some good handloads but I'm not sure I want to handload for another rifle right now.

With the shorter barrel (16 inch) and light bullets I consider my new AR to be my 200 yard rifle.
Most of the coyotes I call in will be much closer then that.
When I get one that's a little unsure and wants to set-up on me out there at about 400 yards and I can't coax him in, I just pass on the shot until another time.
The next time I go to that same place to call I make it a point to take one of my longer range shooters with me and leave the AR at home.

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