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I recently found a free android app shot timer. I still have to figure out some of the settings. Shooting at steel it seems to pick up either the steel getting hit, or maybe the echo - so it shows more shots than I've made and is pretty useless for split times - but it does seem to work well for getting a first shot time.
As it's been hard to get ammo recently anyway, I've found drawing and shooting for every shot extends the amount of time I have with my ammo ration, and has been cutting down on the time.
What's worked for me has been not actually going for speed. I draw, aim, and fire a shot as fast as I can, but don't rush myself. After a few dozen repetitions the time goes down on it's own.
I'm certainly not as fast as anyone who's actually "fast", but after a few weeks I'm down to about 1.2" from my OWB hip holster, and about 2.5" from my IWB holster (@5:00, under a shirt). Not particularly impressive times, but better than where I started, and much faster than I would have guessed. I also didn't realize it takes me about twice as long to get my gun out of my concealment rig, so that was useful info too.
I'm switching from a soft IWB to a hybrid in the hope that it improves that time, but with free apps out there there's no excuse not to get a timer and actually know what's going on.
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