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Had the idea come from S&W or Ruger first, it would have been aclaimed as the greaeist inovation in firearms in the last century. But because the first was Taurus
Except it wasn't pretty sure the judge is a copy of the thunder five... they did it first, check your facts.

.410s suck out of pistols. its a fact. sure there are rounds for it now but nothing better then the normal better work horse rounds. and the size of a 5 shot 410 pistol is larger then a compact glock. No thanks. Now lets skip the thread killing judge argument.

I'd love to see a GP-100 in .22 that would be in my collection ASAP!

I'd also like a Super Redhawk with a full lug barrel.
E-Shock rounds are engineered to expend maximum energy into soft targets, turning the density mass into an expanding rotational cone of NyTrilium matrix particles, causing neurological collapse to the central nervous system.- Yeah I can do that.
I guarantee you will know it if a bicyclist hits your house going 1000 mph. -Smaug
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