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Case #70, Winbigler v. Warren County, Ill. Housing Authority, has been resolved!

In meetings that occurred last November, the defendant WCHA offered a settlement that included all demands made by Plaintiff Winbigler & SAF.

Yesterday, May 1st, the Judge announced the order. The SAF announcement is here: SAF Press Release :: SAF WINS PERMANENT INJUNCTION V. PUBLIC HOUSING GUN BAN IN ILLINOIS

What took from Nov until yesterday was the Judges decision to grant all relief except the precedential declaratory relief that the lease was unconstitutional. You can read the decision and why everything but this one item was denied (for good reason) here: Order on Motion for Miscellaneous Relief.

What all this is saying is that the defendant threw in the towel and capitulated to all the plaintiffs demands. The court could not declare that the lease provisions were unconstitutional, only because the merits to that claim were never fully briefed. Hence, any such declaration would be an advisory opinion which the Federal Courts are not allowed to make.

David Sigale and the SAF will take fees.
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