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I bought new 10/22s in 1968, 1976, & 1978 - they all have nice walnut stocks.

Bought a like new Blackhawk .357 from my brother in 1968 - great single action.

Bought a Service Six in the late '70s (IIRC) and a Mini-14 in the '80s - both fine, rugged weapons.

Bought an SP101 in the '90s, and that little thing is built like a tank.

More recently I have bought new an LCP, an SR9, and an SR45 - all of them are excellent quality and very reliable.

They stack up equally well to my S&W wheelguns, my Colts, and also my Springer 1911.

Wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.

The only Ruger I ever got rid of was my first one, a Mark I Standard traded in for a new Single Six in 1959. Still have the SS, but wish I had the Mk I too.

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