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Once components return to a point you can select what you want again, I suggest working on keeping at least a 1 year supply on hand at all times. When the next shortage comes and it will, you will be in a better position to wait for things to become available again.

The only thing I was caught short of this time around is bullets. I probably will have enough to make it when they are available again but I'm going to be cutting it close. I think in the future I will have to consider stocking for 2 years. It will give me a full year before I have to start thinking about rationing.

A good thing about stocking up is your price per round is locked in with the price you paid at that time. I would just hold on to what you have now and look to find a way to get what you need. There are signs some items may be coming available in a few months. I just hope it doesn't go much beyond the end of the year.
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