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I use a 7.5 inch Ruger for deer hunting, but for HD and carry, I've got a S&W 6 inch and a 4 inch. I've had a couple 5's, and I think I'd be happiest with a 3 inch. A 4 inch isn't too bad, If my dealer would sell his 3 inch I'd buy it. 5's & 6's pinch too much when seated. They drop below the light jacket bottom. 5's and 6's can be a bit nose heavy shooting single handed. Even the 4 inch can be a bit sensitive to where the holster is along the belt. A 3 inch would be most user friendly even though it seems like a guy would want to have a larger revolver. I think a 4 inch stainless S&W is not a bad choice. I use my 4 a lot more than a 5 or 6. If I had a 3, I wouldn't carry my 3 inch 357 Mag at all.
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