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Your opinion on reloading components

Well its been a LONG 6 month shortage, but today Rainier 115 bullets became available so I bought 1k of them...bringing my LOW on hand back up to nearly 1500 bullets of this brand.

I have a bulk lot of Hornady 100gr bullets that I never reload and I am debating on selling them to purchase primers and powder which I REALLY need. I'm around .8 lbs left of both powders.

So should I sell the bullets or keep them. IMO I think components will start becoming more available, but at the same time who knows in todays political crosshairs on gun owners.

If I keep them my 9mm bullet count will be at 1758 bullets...yes I'm OCD I have a spreadsheet taped to my reloading desk with a complete inventory of everything.

Opinions? I have no problem selling them to help out another reloader though.
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