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Over the course of 30 years I have carried a variety of duty weapons.

6" Colt Python - first duty weapon and loved it. I successfully completed an NRA Security Firearms Instructors course with it.

4" S&W Model 28-2 - A bit on the heavy side but a great gun none the less.

4" S&W 686 - Great duty weapon just the right heft and balanced perfectly. I carried this most of the time as a private security officer.

S&W 59 - My first semiauto pistol. It was a fine choice and I could outshoot my Beretta 92F with it.

Beretta 92F - Chose this beacuse the local county police switched to it and I planned on applying to them. It is a bit large in the grip area but manageable. Scored high scores on the range with it.

4" S&W Model 10-8 - Perfect sized 38 Special. Qualified 300 on state required course and 280 out of 300 on the course required by the Federal Protective Service /GSA Police.

4" S&W 64 - My last duty weapon as an armed security officer. This particular revolver needed repair that the company did not want to have done. It had a bad timing problem, in rapid fire it would fire 5 rounds instead of 6. It had a worn hand according to a local gunsmith. I only had this weapon for a year before I got another job.

4" S&W 64HB - My first duty weapon as a police officer. Great revolver for our work. It fired as it should 6 for 6.

Beretta 92FS - My current duty weapon. It is a good choice but like all of the 92 series pistols is a hair large in the grip area but manageable. I score a consistant 278-285 out of 300 on the range.

With the exception of the one S&W 64 with a worn hand all my duty weapons served me very well. Even though about half my time I was carrying a 6 shot revolver I never felt out gunned. They did their jobs and got me home at the end of my shifts.
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