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Originally Posted by Alabama Shooter
The problem is that some people are in denial that even happened or could ever happen again. Both these are badly flawed ideas.
That is something that I have a hard time trying to comprehend is house people can think that modern day genocides don't happen. Or that think by merely wearing a green wrist band or changing thier Facebook profile picture, they will stop them.

The worst of the bunch are those who propose disarming everybody in Africa and then sitting back and enjoying the peace.

Mind boggling. I'm a non-interventionist as the next guy, but sometimes I agree with the NRA, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And sometimes when I look at the world, I think that good guy needs to wear an American flag patch on his sleeve and carry a M-16A4.

However, in regards to history, it certainly is always the aforementioned "white guys in funny hats" who get the lion share of the blame for all the world's genocides.

Dare I say, history repeats?
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