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Your premise is flawed, in all the incarnations you have tried to give it in this thread.
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No it's not. My premise is validated exactly and precisely by everything you have been saying yourself.

Your definition of influence is way too limited Mleake and you are still taking my general statements about a process and trying to apply specifics to it.

They worried about enslaving, disposessing, relocating, or eradicating the natives.
No, these are actions, not intentions. The intended came to America looking for a better life. No one was going to give it to them. Usually they met each other peacefully but conflicts happened and problems had to have solutions. The solutions, the actions became the enslaving, dispossessing, relocating, or eradicating.

The European culture arrived in the new world. The European culture was not integrated into the existing tribal Indian culture. The European culture exerted influence on the Indian culture and it was virtually destroyed.

Even if it were done peacefully the same thing could still happen as the end result. Over time, one culture will prove dominant and they other will become a foot note.

BTW, did anyone wipe out the Greeks? Where is the Greek culture today that is what it was back during the Empire? The Greek Culture is gone, some of it was absorbed by and influenced others, notably the Romans, but the original does not exist anywhere today as it was then.
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