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all personal jabs aside.
the OP was completely wrong on the price point of Ruger 10/22s, estimating them to be double actual retail value. the talk about skyrocketing prices is also a little exaggerated considering that a 10/22 is the same price today that they were 5 years ago while gasoline is about $.80-1 a gallon more than it was then and that's with the price drop over the winter. 5 years ago your average ford F150 cost about $2,000-3,000 less than they do now yet I bet there is nothing more special about the way that they were manufactured.

you can still get wood stocks on 10/22 carbines that cost the same as a 10/22 carbine with a plastic one. no they are not the same quality that they were in the 70s but they are still serviceable and durable, I have yet to see anyone's 10/22s have the stock explode while in use. the paint is an admitted drop in quality yet my painted 10/22 doesn't have a spot of rust on it so it can't be much worse than anodized aside from less attractive use but guess what? I don't buy a 22LR for a safe queen, I buy it to go out and shoot stuff and to do that a lot and often. I defy you to list any problem with a modern 10/22 that was not a problem with a 90s era 10/22. there are none because the 10/22 with all it's cosmetic 'corner cutting' is still just as reliable as it has always been.

OP has been slammed with evidence to the contrary of his argument and he takes it as personal vindictive attacks, we are simply stated that as much as he whines about their quality Ruger is still superior to Remington, Winchester and a lot of the other big box brands of equal monetary value.
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