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I do know what I'm talking about but it is obvious that a lot of you who want to slam me for starting this topic haven't seen very many Ruger guns.
Ya know, every so often I get a customer that swears up and down that they're good for it, the check is as good as in the mail, money's in the bank etc. Those are the ones that I have to ride up and down to even have a chance of getting paid. Your post(s) are the same dang way but about guns. The more you scream about what you know the more obvious it becomes about what you don't know.

I've had/have Rugers from the 70's, 80's, 90's and the 2000's. My most recent being bought last year. Good thinkin blowing smoke outta your butt about what I and others haven't seen.

(BTW, might help if you learned to use some punctuation, proper use of caps and maybe broke things up so I could get a breath while trying to sort out what the heck you're spouting.)
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