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I shot a Ruger SR9 last weekend I was very unimpressed by the cheap plastic feel of it. I wouldn't pay more then the cost of a Hi-point for it.

You are definitely clueless there.

There is no comparison with a Hipoint and a Ruger SR9. I wouldn't buy a Hipoint; you'd have to give it to me. I still won't use it to defend my life. I've shot one and know enough how they perform; crude and not always 100% reliable.

Now the SR series pistols have been tested and updated. They are great pistols for the value. Usually around $399 for the 9mm or 40. I would not hesitate to buy an SR9/40 and use it for CC and self-defense.

If you're saying you won't pay more than $150 for a Ruger pistol, well then get yourself a Hipoint...
+1, the fit, finish, and materials of the SR series handguns are pretty much superior in every way to just about every handgun in it's price range with maybe the exception of the beretta PX4, I'm sure that if you hate the quality of an SR series handgun you would also never buy a glock, M&P or XD as well.
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