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Which dies to use? These days that can become a rather long discussion. Purpose? (hunting or target) cost? $$ are probably two of the most important points needing to be addressed. Most likely everyone here has a brand preference. Lee R/G/B dies are indeed plain jane dies. But they work as well as any other brands two die sets. I have owned a set or two R/G/B Lee's over the years and never once were disappointed with mine. Then there are what I consider to be High End dies. Redding come to mind in that category. But Redding dies offer a few benefits concerning their use the other brands don't. And there lies one reason why they cost more.

Addressing Purpose: If Competitive Shooting where money and prizes are an issue. My advice is to buy the best money can buy but shooting in Competition your privy to information and suppliers most everyday folks are not aware of.
Target Practice: Whether it be in the back yard or at a Club Range: Just enjoying your favorite weapon in hopes to hone your shooting skills or fine tuning that reloading recipe. Any of the current die brands seen in the market place will sever the purpose for that application.

Then there's the matter of $cash$ and how much you want to pull out of your wallet. The only advice I would offer on that subject. Compare pricing in regards to a local purchase verses buying on the Web. Don't forget to add shipping and sales taxes into the mix. Take you pick and go with your desire. No matter the die brand you go with in regards to that 06 of yours > It's a Win Win vffdoug.

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